It has been a very busy year for the Amityville Rotary Club! Here is what we have done in 2020-2021 year!
  • We made feeding the hungry our Pandemic priority and followed through strongly.
  • We took part in a program that provided us with over 14,000 masks which we distributed locally.
  • We created a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee.
  • We provided and packed supplies for homeless veterans.
  • We purchased and donated a large amount of Holiday toys for disadvantaged children.
  • We decorated lampposts in the business district with seasonal ribbons.
  • We supported a High School Interact Club and the Rotary Youth Leadership Institute (RYLA).
  • We held a successful yard sale, the proceeds of which went to charitable causes and the leftover items to AMVETS.
  • We regularly provided gift cards to the school district’s needy families and worthy high school students.
  • We donated quite a few dollars to the various worthy causes in our area.
  • We held our annual October Apple Fest (see photos).
  • We fed a large family for Thanksgiving
  • We provided two families with Christmas gifts.
.........And we had fun doing so together!