(Left) Virginia Belling (R), Foundation Chair, presented Caroline D'Antonio with her Paul Harris + 7 pin in recognition of her generous donations to the Rotary Foundation.
(Right) Club President Kevin and Amityville PD Sergeant Michael Walters: Sgt. Walters spoke about the training courses offered by the APD (NARCAN, CPR) and also gave warnings about scams and robberies to which we all should pay attention. In particular, he mentioned the theft of catalytic converters, easily removed from the underside of automobiles in unlocked garages or driveways- he advised securing parked vehicles and/or engraving a serial number on the auto part which is made of valuable materials.
Sgt. Walters also cautioned us about various telephone scams, many involving claims of unpaid utility bills. He warned us that any instructions that require paying sums of money with credit/gift cards are always a scam. He advised us to be vigilant about protecting passwords, Social Security and credit card numbers.